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XGel® Activ Emerald 15-65-15+8SiO2

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Silicium Reinforced, High-Perfomace NPK Nutrition

XGel® activ Emerald is a High-P, gel fertilizer reinforced with Silicium.  It is ideal for applications during root development, fruit setting and color change. In addition, it is further enhanced by the integration of the E2DA® Technology, which promotes absorption and translocation of nutrients.

Why XGel® activ Emerald

  • High-P, NPK concentrations ideal for root development, fruit setting and color change
  • Organically activated for better uptake and movement of nutrients
  • Enhanced with Bioactive Silicium for improved:
    • Abiotic stress resistance [heat, drought & salinity]
    • Biotic resistance [insect & diseases]
    • Fast nutrient uptake & utilization


Nitrogen (N)15% Vital for vegetative growth
• Important for starch and protein synthesis
Phosphorous(P2O5)65%• Vital for ATP (Energy Molecule) synthesis
• Essential for root development
Potassium (Κ2O)15%• Activates over 60 enzymes
• Participates in starch and protein synthesis
• Vital for stomatal activity
• Regulates sugar transport
Silicium (SiO2)8%• Activates the plants metabolism
• Reduces crop biotic and abiotic stress
• Increased the uptake and utilization of NPK
Trace ElementsYes• Safeguard against the “Hidden Hunger” of plants

Formulation Characteristics & Benefits

Each product in this line is unique, however they all share the following features and benefits they bring.

  1. E2DA®Technology:
    • Enhanced nutrient uptake and increased efficacy
    • Improved nutrient translocation and faster results
  2. STechnology:
    • Concentration beyond what normally achievable in liquid formulations
    • Unique form
    • High stability
  3. Gravital®Bio-available Silicium
    • Improves plant stress resistance
    • Activates plant metabolism
    • Promotes better usage of NPK by the plant
  4. High Quality Raw Materials:
    • Ensure maximum efficacy and safety
    • Chloride free
  5. Liquid Form:
    • Easy to measure and convenient to use
  6. Highly Concentrated:
    • Reduced doses
    • Increased efficacy resulting in lower application costs
  7. Enhanced Tank Mix Profile:
    • Facilitates combined application for reduced application cost
  8. Stability:
    • Our certified manufacturing processes and testing, ensure a long shelf life

Crop Uses & Benefits

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