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The competitive advantage you need in today’s crowded Plant Nutrition World

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In today’s highly competitive market we understand that Specialty Plant Nutrition distributors need more than just a product. It is for this reason that AGROLOGY’s strategy resolves around end-to-end solutions that empower our partners.


Risk minimization is important for companies in every sector. Stable product quality, on-time delivery, and fast/transparent supplier communication, are all essential for your risk management efforts.

Our commitment to quality, customer-centric service and proactive outlook can give you the peace of mind you need.
1) High-grade raw materials for agronomic efficacy and user/crop safety
2) Extensive lab/field trials to ensure product conform to the highest standards
3) Quality and logistics trusted by multinationals
4) International Certifications on Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality


Access to total crop solutions that fully cover their plant nutrition needs and take into account your local markets conditions is an important step for the continued growth of your market share.

Our agronomic expertise, combined with our wide product range and innovative technologies enables us to support our partners through integrated and customized solutions.
1) Multiple packing options covering all potential plot size
2) Extensive product range providing solutions for all possible crop challenges
3) Integrated application suggestions that take account of local agronomic and market conditions
4) Expert Technical Support ensuring optimal use of products

Product Lines

XGel® Line
Innovative, Super-Concentrated, Foliar Nutrition Products in Gel Form
Plex® Line
Hyper – Concentrated, Liquid, Straight Nutrients
Folichel® Line
Fully Organo-Chelated, Straight Nutrients
Suprafix® Line
Liquid Formulation with Ideal Nutrient Combinations
Plant Boosters and Superstimulants
XAct® Line
Natural, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Increased Pest Resistance


Providing your salesforce with the resources, training, and information they need to be more effective, is of paramount importance for capturing sales opportunities and revenue growth.

We are firm believers of customer success as a growth engine. As such we make our priority to provide our distributors with all the tools you need to succeed with our products.
1) University & commercial trial data to reinforce your sales efforts
2) Success Stories linking product use to end-user profits (ROI)
3) Marketing Content & Support from consultation to content creation
4) Technical support and Training to ensure your salesforce have the information they need
5) Sales tools that help your salesforce in discovering and pursuing new opportunities


Standing out in the minds of your customers, is key in building a sustainable sales network and for fueling your growth in the competitive market Plant Nutrition is.

Our dedication to innovation, quality and science-driven approach to agriculture gives you access what you need to stand apart.
1) World-leading product performance and immediate results thanks to innovative performance Technologies
2) Innovative formulation technologies bringing unique product forms
3) Capability of customized formulations

Proprietary Technologies

Based on the use of a proprietary organic factor, integrated into all our products, significantly increasing speed and extent of uptake.
Our gel formulation technology, featuring ultra-high concentrations without sacrificing stability or ease of use.
Suspension Concentrates featuring enhanced pourability, suspensibility and blooming effect.