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AGROLOGY Plant Nutrition Products “To Develop with Passion and Responsibility”.

AGROLOGY’s vision is “To Develop with Passion and Responsibility”, a vision that has many dimensions. On of them is development of plant nutrition products.
AGROLOGY brings together innovation, quality and both agronomic and industrial know-how to develop unique, innovative products. Products that stand on their own but can be combined to offer solutions to problems faced by every part of the supply chain, be it distributors, wholesalers, dealers, farmers, or the final consumer.

Our Brands – Plant Nutrition

XGel® Line: Innovative, Super-Concentrated Foliar Nutrition Products in Gel Form

The XGel® Line is a testament to AGROLOGY’s continuous pursuit for the next generation of fertilizers.
Integrated with our proprietary E2DA® and S technologies, the XGels offer high concentrations, improved uptake and faster translocation of nutrients through the plant, all without sacrificing ease of use or stability.

The XGel® Line includes the:
Standard Line: High-performance NPK nutrition for every growth stage, capable of significantly increasing yield and quality
Black Line: The same innovative formulation as the standard line with the addition of powerful biostimulant effect.

Plex Line: Hyper-Concentrated, Liquid, Straight Nutrients

Each product in the Plex Line of products supplies a single, high-performance, nutrient (macro, micro or secondary), providing a powerful toolkit, and maximum flexibility, to the professional farmer.

Folichel® Line: Fully Organo-Chelated, Straight Nutrients

Each product in the Folichel® Line of products supplies a single, high-performance, nutrient (macro, micro or secondary). Providing a powerful toolkit and maximum flexibility to the professional farmer. The Folichel® products are fully organo-chelated in the form of Clear liquids.

Suprafix® Line: Liquid Formulation with Ideal Nutrient Combinations

Each product in the Suprafix® Line of products supplies a combination of high-performance nutrients (macro, micro or secondary), in ideal ratios, providing specialized solutions to the professional farmer, helping to improve and enhance broad as well as specific aspects of crop’s performance.

Gravital® Line: Active Silicate Products

The Gravital® Line offers a new toolset for the improvement of yield potential, the enhancement of yield quality and the reduction of yield losses to vascular splitting, after-harvest handling and short shelf-life.

Biostimulants Line: Plant Boosters & Superstimulants

Each product in the Biostimulants Line of products supplies a single or a combination of organic molecules with biostimulant effect, providing ways, for the professional farmer, to affect plant growth, yield and quality, in ways regular plant nutrition is not capable off.

Our Brands – Plant Protection

Copper Fungicide Line: Highly Efficient Copper Fungicides in SC Form

Each product in the Copper Fungicides line of products offers a high-performance solution for the prevention of fungal infections.
The line includes Bordeaux Mixture and Tribasic Copper products in Suspension Concentrate form.