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Grower Solutions

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Offering Grower Solutions to help your products succeed from the field to the market
In today’s crowded, poorly controlled, plant nutrition market we understand that growers may be filled with uncertainty on what, when and how to apply while still having an economically viable crop. It is for this reason that AGROLOGY’s strategy resolves around offering growers solutions and products that offer them high return on investment (ROI) and help them grow.


The safety of the user and crop is of paramount importance. Our commitment to quality, extensive trials and proactive outlook can give you the peace of mind you need.
1) High-grade raw materials for agronomic efficacy and user/crop safety
2) Extensive lab/field trials to ensure products conform to the highest standards and are safe for both user and crop
3) International Certifications on Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality


Agriculture is a field of business with a lot of uncertain factors. Our agronomic expertise combined with our wide product range and innovative technologies enables us to support you with solutions and programs that can give you the certainty and results you need.

• Extensive product range providing solutions for all possible crop challenges
   XGel® Line
   Innovative, Super-Concentrated, Foliar Nutrition Products in Gel Form
   Plex® Line
   Hyper – Concentrated, Liquid, Straight Nutrients
   Folichel® Line
   Fully Organo-Chelated, Straight Nutrients
Suprafix® Line
   Liquid Formulation with Ideal Nutrient Combinations
   Plant Boosters and Superstimulants
   XAct® Line
   Natural, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Increased Pest Resistance

In cooperation with our local partners we develop products adapted for your local condition and supply technical support
Extensive trials showcase the repeatability of our results


Our job does not end in your field. Through extensive testing we have documented our products effects in agricultural product:
1) Nutrient & vitamin levels
2) Shelf-life
3) Post-harvest handling
4) Taste
5) Appearance

By positively affecting those factors we make sure that your crop is ideal for the wholesaler, the grocery shop and the consumer, helping you get repeat sales and grow.