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SmartFlow® Technology

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The future of nutrient delivery


AGROLOGY’s aim with SmartFlow® Technology is to bring its extensive formulation know-how into the Plant Nutrition sector.
Leveraging decades of pesticide formulation expertise and experience in plant nutrition product development, SmartFlow® Technology allows the creation of formulations with enhanced quality and performance parameters.

Quality Parameters

Due to the lack of strict controls in fertilizer formulation, unlike in plant protection products, the plant nutrition sector is flooded with unstable products, featuring short shelf life and low suspensibility, causing issues with both stock management and efficacy.

SmartFlow® Technology seeks to address this issue, through the use of:
1) A three-step formulation process
2) High-grade co-formulants
3) Advanced formulation know-how

SmartFlow® Technology results in significant improvements to the product’s:
1) Suspensibility
2) Viscosity
3) Spontaneity of Dispersion
4) pH
5) Particle Size

A demonstration of the enhanced suspensibility is shown in the video below, while a comparison of the physicochemical properties of Zinplex®, a SmartFlow® product, versus analogous products in the market is shown in Table 1.

SmartFlow® Formulation Comparison Chart
Category Specialty Commodity

FAO Specs



Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
Density 1,715gr/cm3 1,730 gr/cm3 1,696 gr/cm3 1,734 gr/cm3 1,837 gr/cm3
pH (product) 8,45 9,16 9,45 9,03 9,80
Viscosity 900 cP 1160 cP 1600 cP 1230 cP 1350 cP
of dispersion
97,32% 79,16% 78,41% 84,50% 84,80% >80%
Suspensibility 94,85% 5,82% 8,01% 3,97% 23,30% >90%

Table 1: The table above shows a comparison of formulation characteristics between Zinplex® and other competitive brands as well as Pesticide Minimum FAO Specs. In each measurement, green is used to denote the best in class and red the worst in class.

Performance Parameters SmartFlow® Technology

The improvement in the product’s quality parameters by SmartFlow® Technology directly leads to an increase in efficacy, by improving:
1) Rate of uptake
2) Speed of uptake
3) Crop coverage
4) Spray mixture homogeneity
5) Tank Mix profile

According to university research (see here the list of universities cooperating with AGROLOGY) suspension concentrates formulated with SmartFlow® Technology showcase maximum uptake within two hours after application and up to 5 times greater uptake compared to competitive products with organic or EDTA chelation (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Rate of uptake of SmartFlow®, Organocheated and EDTA technologies. Rate of uptake was calculated as follows: (Cfin (2,6 and 12 hours) – Cstart (0 hours)) *100/ Cstart.


The improved SmartFlow®nutrient delivery system brings both product quality and product performance parameters resulting in significant advantages for both organizations and growers.

Organization-Level Benefits:

1. Logistics & warehousing cost-effectiveness
2. Reduced losses from:
    • Product recall
    • Phytotoxicity issues
3. Increased differentiation due to product best-in-class characteristics

Farmer-Level Benefits:

1. Increased spray efficacy
2. Fast results
3. Lowest cost per kg of micronutrients delivered in the plant
4. Greater ease of use
5. Easier to Tank Mix
6. Rain-safe
7. Reduced chance of phytotoxicity