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End-to-End Plant Nutrition and Pesticide Solutions 

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In today’s highly competitive market, reliability, quality and differentiation are key factors in company growth. To that end AGROLOGY offers Manufacturers and Wholesalers a complete solution portfolio. 


Risk minimization is important for companies in every sector. Stable product quality, on-time delivery and fast/transparent supplier communication, are all essential for your risk management efforts. 

Our commitment to quality, customer-centric service and proactive outlook can give you the peace of mind you need.

1) High-grade raw materials for agronomic efficacy and user/crop safety
2) Extensive lab/field trials to ensure product conform to the highest standards
3) Quality and logistics trusted by multinationals
4) International Certifications on Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality


AGROLOGY enjoys more than 35 years of experience in Plant Protection and 19 years in Plant Nutrition formulation.  Our quality is assured by:

1) Facilities certified and approved by leading multinationals in the Plant Protection sector
2) Chemical engineering team dedicated to quality control
3) Fully equipped product-development laboratory
4) Raw material testing prior to formulation
5) Formulation characteristics’ testing before repacking
6) Continuous training of employees
7) Complete production-line isolation for the prevention of cross contamination
8) Full batch traceability

A detailed list of formulation types that we can support can be seen below:

  Product Type Formulation Services Packaging Services
  Solid  Insecticide WP, DP WP, WG, DP
 Herbicide WP, WG
 Fungicide WP, DP WP, WG, DP
 Fertilizer WP, DP WP, WG, DP
  Liquid  Insecticide SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW
 Herbicide SC, OD, EC, SL, EW SC, OD, EC, SL, EW
 Fungicide SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW
 Fertilizer SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW SC, OD, EC, SL, OL, GELS, EW


Providing your salesforce with the resources, training, and information they need to be more effective, is of paramount importance for capturing sales opportunities and revenue growth.

We are firm believers of customer success as a growth engine. As such, we make our priority to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed with our products:

1) “Seveso III” certification for the storage of dangerous goods
2) 3500 pallet capacity (4500 additional pallets spaces planned)
3) Full digital integration:
  a) Barcode tracking for full traceability
  b) Computer enforced segregation of products to avoid contamination
  c) Complete online database of stored items and their characteristics
  d) Online dashboard system for activity tracking
4) Cooperations in place for transport both within and outside of Greece


Standing out in the minds of your customers, is key in building a sustainable sales network and for fueling your growth in the competitive market Plant Nutrition is.

Our dedication to innovation, quality and science-driven approach to agriculture gives you access to what you need to stand apart:
1) World-leading product performance and immediate results thanks to innovative performance technologies
2) Innovative formulation technologies bringing unique product forms
3) Capability of customized formulations

Testament to our product development capabilities are our world-first products that are available here. These include technically advanced formulations exclusively manufactured by AGROLOGY world-wide.