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S Technology

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Breaking new ground in NPK

The S3® Technology (Supercharged SuspoSolution) was developed by AGROLOGY, to exceed the limits imposed by traditional formulation technologies of liquid or solid fertilizers.
Leveraging decades of pesticide formulation expertise and in-depth knowledge of plant nutrition product development, S Technology allows for formulations that were not possible until today.
A short overview of the technology’s characteristics, advantages, and benefits is presented in the video below:

The Gel Form

Products integrated with the S Technology are neither solid nor liquid; instead they have a unique form with a gel-like texture. This innovative formulation type allows for:
1) High concentrations
2) 2 year shelf-life
3) The use of both solid and liquid raw materials

While liquid products with high concentrations are prone to phase separation and sedimentation. S Technology’s gel form prevents such issues.
The viscosity of S formulations changes over time in storage, from an almost-liquid form to solid gel, keeping all components in suspension.
This transformation is not permanent but can be fully reversed by simple agitation of the product.

The video below shows a product demo of the S Technology and showcases the thixotropic properties of the gel form.

Formulation Possibilities in S Technology

S formulations are not limited to solid or liquid raw materials since the S Technology allows the simultaneous use of both in the same formulation. This allows unique and innovative raw material combinations, that extend the agronomic possibilities and create new frontiers in nutrition.
Some of the possibilities offered are:
1) The addition of NPK sources regardless of form allowing the use of the more efficient ones
2) Use of pH stabilizers allowing the use of even high alkaline or acidic raw material sources
3) Inclusion of surfactants, organic activators, isolated vitamins, isolated plant hormones and enzymes.

All of the above, contribute to the creations of products with higher efficacy than that provided by traditional formulation technologies.

Benefits of S Technology

The possibilities offered by S Technology, carry both agronomic and marketing advantages bring to both product quality and product performance parameters result in significant advantages for both organizations and growers.

Agronomic Benefits
1. Enhanced efficacy
2. Retain ease of use of liquid fertilizers

Organizational & Marketing Benefits
1. Increased shelf-life
    • Logistics & warehousing cost-effectiveness
2. Unique form
    • Differentiation
    • Increased customer loyalty