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Super-Concentrated Liquid Sulphur

Highly concentrated liquid Sulphur in suspension concentrate form. Ideal for improving oil content and nitrogen metabolism. It is further enhanced by the integration of the E2DA® Technology, which promotes absorption and translocation of nutrients.


Sulphur (S)60%• Important for Nitrogen metabolism
• 90% of absorbed Sulphur is used in aminoacid production
• Essential for oil synthesis

Characteristics & Benefits

  1. E2DA® Technology:
    • Enhanced nutrient uptake and increased efficacy
    • Improved nutrient translocation and faster results
  2. SmartFlow® Technology
    • Superior suspensibility, spray efficacy and nutrient uptake
    • No sedimentation or phase separation
  3. High Quality Raw Materials:
    • Ensure maximum efficacy and safety
    • Chloride free
  4. Liquid Form:
    • Easy to measure and convenient to use
  5. Highly Concentrated:
    • Reduced doses and increased efficacy resulting in lower application costs
  6. Enhanced Tank Mix Profile:
    • Facilitates combined application for reduced application cost
  7. Flexibility:
    • Straight nutrients are easily integrated to any spray program
  8. Stability:
    • Our certified manufacturing processes and testing, ensure a long shelf life

Crop Uses & Benefits


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