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XGel Line

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Innovative, Super-Concentrated Foliar Nutrition Products in Gel Form

The XGel Line is a testament to AGROLOGY’s continuous pursuit for the next generation of fertilizers. Integrated with our proprietary E2DA® and S technologies, the XGels offer high concentrations, improved uptake and faster translocation of nutrients through the plant, all without sacrificing ease of use or stability. The XGel Family of Products includes the:

Activ Line: Activ line builds on Agrology’s research in formulation technologies, nutrient delivery, and metabolic activators, and combines high-impact NPK nutrition with biostimulation, through the introduction of bio-available Silicium

Standard Line: High-performance NPK nutrition for every growth stage, capable of significantly increasing yield and quality.

Black Line: The same innovative formulation as the standard line with the addition of powerful biostimulant effect. Beyond the above product lines, AGROLOGY’s product development team, is constantly working to provide our clients with new and improved formulations that break new ground in plant nutrition.