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AGROLOGY & Innovation: “To Develop with Passion and Responsibility”

AGROLOGY’s vision is “To Develop with Passion and Responsibility”, a vision that has many dimensions. One of them is innovation through the development of technologies that will boost product efficacy, differentiation and ease of use.
AGROLOGY combined more than 40 years of agrochemical industrial research and more that 20 years of plant nutrition experience to create a series of technologies that address challenges in all parts of the agriculture supply chain such as the need of distributors and dealers for differentiated products and the need of growers for greater efficacy and ease of use.

Innovation through our Technologies

E2DA® Technology: Pushing the Boundaries of Nutrient Uptake

The E2DA® Technology (Enhanced Elemental Delivery & Assimilation) was developed by AGROLOGY, to enhance the uptake and movement of nutrients within the plants and is integrated into all our products

S Technology: Breaking new ground in NPK

AGROLOGY developed the S Technology (Supercharged SuspoSolution) to exceed the limits set by traditional formulation technologies of liquid or solid fertilizers. This technology allows for formulations not possible until today.

SmartFlow® Technology: The future in nutrient delivery

AGROLOGY’s aim with SmartFlow® Technology, is to bring its extensive formulation know-how into the Plant Nutrition sector.
SmartFlow® Technology allows the creation of formulations with enhanced quality and performance parameters. All that is possible by leveraging decades of pesticide formulation expertise and experience in plant nutrition product development.