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Watermelon Yield Increase with Gravital Energy

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Watermelon Yield Increase

Through Research Programs in Greece and abroad, Agrology proved that the superior quality and integrated innovative technologies of the Specialized Nutrition products make the difference in crops from the very first applications!

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the Agrology Specialized Nutrition Programs constitute a profitable investment for producers, as the financial benefits more than cover the cost of the additional applications!

One such Research Program on Watermelons was carried out in Velestino Magnesia, in collaboration with the University of Thessaly in 2019.

The researchers divided the crop in 2 sections. The name of the first section was Control and the second’s Agrology Program.  In the Agrology section, the complementary interventions used the Specialized Nutrition Product Gravital Energy, aiming to Watermelon Yield Increase.

Experimental Design

Field:  Location Velestino, Magnesia

Area: 2,200 sq.m.

Field: Fully productive – Excellent nutritional status

The applications used the specialized nutrition formulation Gravital Energy.

Product of high silicon content (92.8% w/w SiO2) with a high percentage of available orthosilicic acid, which is the absorbable and assimilable form of silicon by plants.

  • Increase of Fruit Production

Applications with Fertigation – Dosage per application 1.8 Kg/1,000 sq.m.

Picture 1. Applications Scheme

Results – Increase in the production of watermelons

Total Watermelon Yield Increase by 7.14%

  • Control: 7609.0 kg/1,000 sq. m.
  • Agrology: 8152.1 kg/1,000 sq. m.
Picture 2. With the implementation of the Agrology Program, there was an increase in the total production by 7.14 kg/1,000 sq., compared to the Control.
Picture 3. Watermelon fruit

Increase in the number of fruits per square meter by 13.75%

  • Control: 833.3 fruits/1,000 sq.m.
  • Agrology: 947.9 fruits/1,000 sq.m.
Picture 4. With the implementation of the Agrology Program, there was an increase in the number of fruits by 13.75% per 1,000 square meters, compared to the Control.

Producer’s Financial Benefit

Producer’s Total Benefit: 108.62€/1,000 sq. m.

Cost of Additional Applications: 22.37€/1,000 sq. m.

Cost Benefit = 1€ : 5€

  • Increase of Production by 543.1 kg/1,000 sq.m. or by 7.14% (Average price Kg: 0.20€)

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“This experiment was conducted under specific field conditions and should not be applied as a standard without the guidance of an Agronomist or the Agrology Technical Department. In any case, Agrology products and programs must be applied according to the label or the instructions of the technician-agronomists.”