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XGel® Athena 25-25-25+TE

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Balanced, Metabolic Activator in Gel Form

XGel® Athena is a highly concentrated, balanced NPK foliar fertilizer in gel form, and ideal for all growth stages. The product is engineered to boost plant metabolism through the inclusion or organic activators. Finally, XGel® Athena is further enhanced by the integration of the E2DA® Technology, which promotes absorption and translocation of nutrients.


Nitrogen (N)25% Vital for vegetative growth
• Important for starch and protein synthesis
Phosphorous (P2O5)25%• Vital for ATP (Energy molecule) synthesis
• Essential for root development
Potassium (K2O)25%• Activates over 60 enzymes
• Participates in starch and protein synthesis
• Vital for stomatal activity
• Regulates sugar transport
Organic Catalysts10%• Boosts plant metabolic activity
• Promotes growth
Trace ElementsYes• Safeguard against the “Hidden Hunger” of plants

Formulation Characteristics & Benefits

Each product in this line is unique, however they all share the following features and benefits they bring.

  1. E2DA® Technology:
    • Enhanced nutrient uptake and increased efficacy
    • Improved nutrient translocation and faster results
  2. S Technology:
    • Concentration beyond what normally achievable in liquid formulations
    • Unique form
    • High stability
  3. Biostimulant Effect
    • Includes cocktail of metabolic activation
    • Boosts metabolic activity while supplying necessary nutrients
  4. High Quality Raw Materials:
    • Ensure maximum efficacy and safety
    • Chloride free
  5. Liquid Form:
    • Easy to measure and convenient to use
  6. Highly Concentrated:
    • Reduced doses
    • Increased efficacy resulting in lower application costs
  7. Enhanced Tank Mix Profile:
    • Facilitates combined application for reduced application cost
  8. Stability:
    • Our certified manufacturing processes and testing, ensure a long shelf life

Crop Uses & Benefits

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