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Protonic® Vortex

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Formulation of a high bio-activating potential.

Product Image - Protonic® Vortex
Product Description

Formulation of a high bio-activating potential.

Methods of action

A product which assists plant growth. It strengthens the tolerance of the plants against (a)biotic stress and through the stimulating action of Laminarin and Fucoidin, the development of a healthy, strong and efficient root system, rich in active lateral roots, is promoted. The combined action of Humic acids, Mannitol and Alginic acid improve the structure, ventilation and soil water capacity, enhancing the uptake and the utilization of nutrients even in harsh soils, e.g. high salinity, sandy etc. Also, it increases the Organic Substance of soil and improves the conditions in the rhizosphere, promoting the activity of rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae. Furthermore, Alginic acid, Fulvic and Carboxylic acids act as organic chelators, accelerating the absorption of available nutrients by the root and stimulating the metabolic function of the root system even in (a)biotic stress conditions.

Formulation Type


  • 12,4% seaweed extracts of Laminaria digitata + Ascophyllum nodosum (6,2+6,2%)
  • 31% mix:
    • 20 L-amino acid hydrolyzed proteins
    • Organic Prebiotics & Carboxylic Acids
  • 57% Humic & Fulvic acids from refined Leonardite extract
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
  • Cobalt (Co)
  • 0,5% Fe EDDHA ortho-orthο-ο
  • Prepared from ingredients of high biological value and excellent activity: Concentrated extracts of two seaweeds, Laminaria digitata & Ascophyllum nodosum, along with 20 plant-based L-amino acids of enzymatic hydrolysis. This formulation is chlorine ion-free and includes refined extract of Leonardite from New Mexico, boasting the highest natural Fulvic:Humic ratio (30:70) and absence of Heavy Metals. It contains highly oxygenated, low molecular weight organic matter gently extracted, along with organic prebiotics that nourish beneficial soil microorganisms and enhance their diversity.
  • Increases the soil C:N ratio.
  • Enhances chlorophyll production and the photosynthetic machinery.
  • Promotes phosphorus release from the soil and its availability to plants, along with promoting the synthesis of nitrogenase.
  • Employs a fivefold mechanism of nutrient chelation in the soil solution, involving Humics, Fulvics, Amino acids, Alginic acid, and Carboxylic acids.
  • Activates Jasmonic acid signaling pathways, an endogenous plant defense mechanism.
  • Increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil, thereby promoting the utilization of fertilizers and its nutrient reserves.
  • Protects and strengthens crops from oxidant stress due to soil salinity and any other abiotic stress factors.

Bottles (100CC-1Lt), Jerrycans (3Lt-20Lt), Barrels (200Lt), IBCs (1000Lt)

Dosage Rate

Drip Dosage (Lt/ha): 5-15 (general dose) and 15-30 during harsh stress conditions

For the Sustainable Use of the product, comply with the instructions of label placed on the product packaging. Information on the site may not be up to date.