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Fruitonic® Vita

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Fruitonic® Vita is a blend of high concentrated free L-amino acids and vegetable peptides enhanced with a complex of 3 vitamins (B1, B2 and C). Vitamins offer bioactivating, anti-stress and antioxidant action.

Why Fruitonic® vita

  • Unique combination of free L-amino acids and 3 Vitamins.
  • 20 different L-amino acids (counter-clockwise), readily absorbed by plants.
  • Plant-derived enzymatically hydrolyzed proteins.
  • promotes the production of proteins, enzymes and hormones.
  • Increases the resistance of plants to stress conditions (frost, dry heat conditions, etc.).
  • Vitamins: Vit C, Vit B1, Vit B2 – Offer Strong antioxidant action and increase cell divisions and elongation of cell walls.

Tank Mix Profile

This product can be combined with most organic and inorganic fertilizers and plant protection products. However, it is recommended to perform a compatibility test before application. When combined with plant protection products, the application dose of Fruitonic® Vita should not exceed 200 ml/acre. It is not compatible with paraffinic oils. Also, with vegetable oils it is recommended to perform a compatibility test. Furthermore, it is not combined with copper fungicides in all crops, except from olive cultivation. Do not apply along with copper fungicides to olive trees during high temperatures. Contact local agronomists for more information.

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