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Functional Crop Nutrition®

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Functional Crop Nutrition® involves the use of specialized formula products that harness the synergistic action of Essential Nutrients & Beneficial Ingredients, aiming to improve the plant’s nutritional status and activate specific physiological systems.

The pace and intensity of changes in the agriculture sector are constantly increasing. The significant impacts due to climate change, rapid population growth, changes in dietary habits, as well as the need for sustainable agricultural practices, constitute the most important challenges that the primary sector is called to face. In this context, Agrology introduces the term Functional Crop Nutrition® aiming to address these challenges.
The Essential Nutrients (N, P, K, Ca, Fe, etc.) cover the necessary requirements for the growth and productivity of crops and are always essential for the plant organism.

Beneficial Ingredients (Si, Ti, Co, etc.) complement and enhance the action of Essential Nutrients, further promoting the growth and productivity of crops even when provided in minimal doses. They increase the resilience of crops against biotic and abiotic stresses, ultimately boosting their production and nutritional value. Scientific evidence supports their role in promoting the uptake, translocation, and utilization of Essential Nutrients, increasing the synthesis of antioxidants, osmo-protective substances, and metabolites. Moreover, they stimulate secondary metabolism and signalling cascades, activate enzymatic systems and processes, and delay the ageing of plant tissues.

Functional Crop Nutrition® is the holistic approach to nutrition, where formulations combining both Essential Nutrients and Beneficial Ingredients are applied, ensuring resilience and enhancing the plant’s natural defense, aiming to maximize production even under stressful conditions. As a result, cultivation becomes more effective in stress situations (e.g., thermal-water stress, salinity, etc.) and adapts more quickly to new climatic and environmental challenges.

Increasing the Efficiency of Nutrient and Water Use, enhancing crop productivity, and consequently ensuring sustainable development, are the main objectives of Functional Crop Nutrition®.

Functional Crop Nutrition® effectively supports primary production under the restrictive conditions of climate change and increasing dietary and food needs.

Benefits of using Elemental Silicon & Titanium Bio activators

    • Increased Efficiency in Nutrient and Water Use
    • High Yields of crops even under stress conditions
    • Improvement of the Quality Characteristics of production
    • Increase in the production of Antioxidants (e.g., Vitamin C, phenols)
    • Enhancement of Plant’s Natural Defense and Resilience
    • Reduction of Inputs