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Nodius-F-Kin®: The Natural Metabolic Catalyst

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Nodius-F-Kin® : The Natural Metabolic Catalyst

Nodius-F-Kin® is a mixture of natural metabolic catalysts, amino acids, and trace elements, organically activated with the E2DA® Technology, outcoming from a specialized production process.

It is a high biological activity solution that acts as a metabolic catalyst and aims to:

  1. Promote endogenous signaling to initiate cell divisions within the plants.
  2. Act as a catalyst in all signal transfer reactions aimed at the growth and development of plant organs.
  3. Enrich the plant with biomolecules that accelerate and enhance the growth and development of plant organs.

E2DA® Technology (Enhanced Elemental Delivery and Assimilation)

The E2DA® Formulation Technology is based on the use of non-nutritive organic chemical compounds, anion and cation carriers, which promote the aplastic and symplastic movement of nutrients in plant tissues, increasing the absorption and assimilation of the formulations

  • Binds and forms neutral molecules with nutrients.
  • It has both lipophilic and hydrophilic functional groups.
  • Low molecular weight.
  • It is fully dissolved inside the plant.
  • Broad range pH stability.

Advantages of Nodius-F-Kin®:

  1. High Biological Activity
  2. Acts as a growth stimulator, inducing intense cell division in various parts and organs of plants.
  3. Increases the absorption and mobility of nutrients and components within plant tissues due to E2DA® Technology.
  4. Immediate foliar action
  5. Easy and effective application
  6. Does not negatively affect plants, causing reduced yield or uneven growth of next year’s shoots and premature aging.

Action Spectrum of Nodius-F-Kin®

To be used safely | Always read the product label before use | Pay attention to the warning phrases and symbols on the label.