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Biostimulants Line: Plant Boosters and Superstimulants

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Each product in the Biostimulants Line of products supplies a single or a combination of organic molecules with biostimulant effect, providing ways, for the professional farmer, to affect plant growth, yield and quality, in ways regular plant nutrition is not capable of.

The Biostimulants Line includes products that can affect and boost biochemical process which affect:
1) Hormone synthesis
2) Protein synthesis
3) Adaptation to abiotic stress
4) Resistance to diseases and pests

These products give farmers a powerful tool to boost their crop and improve both yield and the quality characteristics of their crop.

Characteristics & Benefits of the Biostimulants Line

Each product in this line is unique, however they all share the following features and benefits they bring.

1. E2DA® Technology:
    • Enhanced nutrient uptake and increased efficacy
• Improved nutrient translocation and quick results

2. Fully Diluted in pure E2DA® factor:
1) Improved uptake
2) Fast movement inside the plant
3) Immediate effect

3. High Quality Raw Materials:
• Ensure maximum efficacy and safety
• Chloride free

4. Liquid Form:
• Easy to measure and convenient to use

5. Enhanced Tank Mix Profile:
• Facilitates combined application for reduced application cost

6. Flexibility:
• Easily integrated to any spray program

7. Stability:
• Our certified manufacturing processes and testing ensure a long shelf life