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Increase of Olive Oil Production

Agrology Success Stories – Increase of Olive Oil Production

Increase of Olive Oil Production

Through the Agrology Success Stories in Greece and abroad, it is proven that the superior quality and integrated innovative technologies of the Agrology Specialty Nutrition products make the difference in crops from the very first applications!

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the Agrology Specialty Nutrition Programs constitute a profitable investment for producers, as the financial benefits more than cover the cost of the additional applications!

One such Success Story in the cultivation of Oil Producing Olives (SS 2019_68_GR) took place in collaboration with the Nutrimaster® Mr. Sotirios Koutoupas, during the 2019 Agricultural Season. Throughout the applications, there was continuous guidance and technical support to the producer, both from the specialized staff of the technical department of Agrology, and the collaborating agricultural store of Mr. Koutoupas.

Initially, the area of the olive grove was divided into two equal sections. One section was named Control and the second was named Agrology Program.  In both, the producer proceeded with the same cultivation care and implemented the exact same scheme of plant protection and nutrition – fertilization. However, in the Agrology Section, the producer implemented additional interventions using the Specialized and Innovative Products of Agrology.

Proof ID 

Partner: Sotirios Koutoupas

Producer: Pavlos Lygeras

Location: Sidirokastro, Serres

Cultivation Season: 2019

Cultivation: Olive, Olive Oil Producing

Variety:Petroelia Serres

Land Success Story: 5,000 square meters

Hail & Rain protection: No

Plant protection: Same for the entire area

Proof Objectives

By applying the Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilizing Products Gravital® Energy and XGel® activ Ruby during specific stages of olive cultivation development, the producer has managed to achieve significant agronomic benefits for his cultivation.

The Objectives of this Success Story were the following:

  1. Increase of Total Production
  2. Increase of Total Olive Oil Production
  3. Boost of Oil Content

Specialized Nutrition – Fertilizing Program

3 Additional Interventions with the Innovative Agrology Products.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Intervention:

1st Intervention: Foliarly

Core Hardening

  • Gravital® Energy (1,8 kg/100 lt)

2nd Intervention: Foliarly

Increase of Fruit

  • XGel® activ Ruby (300 cc/100 lt)
  • Gravital® Energy (1,8 kg/100 lt)

3rd Intervention: Foliarly

1 month before Harvest

  • XGel® activ Ruby (300 cc/100 lt)
  • Gravital® Energy (1,8 kg/100 lt)
Picture 1. Plant Nutrition Program

Product of high silicon content (92.8% w/w SiO2) with a high percentage of available orthosilicic acid, which is the absorbable and assimilable form of silicon by plants.

  • Fruit Weight Gain
  • Increase of Production
  • Boost against biotic and abiotic agents


Highly concentrated Specialized Nutrition product reinforced with Silicium and Magnesium​

  • Fruit ripening boost
  • Increase of fruit’s oil content

Proof Results

After the sampling carried out in both sections of the olive grove -Control and Agrology Program-, the necessary measurements were made in the fruits and olive oil and it was observed that the Agrology Programs generated impressive results for the benefit of the producer.

More specifically, the results were the following:

Increase of Total Production of Fruits by 25%

  • Agrology: 750 kg/1,000 sq. m.
  • Control: 600 kg/1,000 sq. m.
Picture 2. Total Production

Increase of Oil Content by 8,3%

  • Agrology: 20,8 %
  • Control: 19,2 %
Picture 3. Oil Content

Increase of Total Production in Olive Oil by 36%

  • Agrology: 166,92 kg/1,000 sq. m.
  • Control: 122,45 kg/1,000 sq. m.
Picture 4. Total Production

Investment – Producer benefit

Increase of revenues due to increase of Production by 97.81 €/1,000 sq. m.

  • Increase by 44.47 kg/1,000 sq. m. (or 36%)
  • Increase of revenues by € 97.81/1,000 sq. m.

(average price per kilo of olive oil with an acidity of 0.2: 2,20 €)

Indicative Cost of Agrology Program: 23,08 €/1000 sq. m.*

Additional Producer’s Benefit: 97,81€/1,000 sq. m.

Cost-Benefit Ratio: 1:4,2

* Volume of spray liquid/1000 sq. m. 100L