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Increase of Oil Olive Production

Agrology Success Stories – Increase of Oil Olive Production

Increase of Oil Olive Production

Through Agrology Success Stories in Greece and Abroad, it is proven that the superior quality and integrated innovative technologies of Agrology’s Functional Crop Nutrition® products, make a difference in crops from the very first applications!

Our goal is to demonstrate that Agrology’s Specialized Nutrition Programs are a profitable investment for farmers, as the financial benefits exceed the extra cost of supplemental applications! One such Success Story was carried out in Olives for Oil production (SS 2019_68_GR) in 2019, in collaboration with “Sotirios Koutoupas”, an important Commercial Store of Agricultural Supplies in the region of Serres. Throughout the process, the farmer benefited from the continuous guidance and support offered by Agrology’s Technical Department and the collaborating agricultural store of Mr. Koutoupas.

The crop area was divided into two equal plots, one was used as the Control, while Agrology’s Program was applied to the other plot. In both plots, the farmer used the same plant protection and plant nutrition-fertilization program, apart from the additional applications with Agrology’s Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilization Products.

Identity of the Success Story

Cultivation Period: 2019

Location: Sidirokastro, Serres

Partner: Sotirios Koutoupas

Farmer: Pavlos Lygeras

Cultivation: Olives for Oil Production

Variety: Petroelia Serres

Success Story area: 0.5 ha

Plant Protection Program: Common to the entire area

Success Story Goals

The objectives of this Success Story were as follows:

  1. Increase of Total Olive Fruit Production
  2. Increase of Total Olive Oil Production
  3. Increase in Oil Content

Plant Nutrition Program

Supplementary Applications with Innovative Agrology Products:

Picture 1. Plant Nutrition Program
Suprafix mobozin logo

Highly concentrated liquid Boron and Zinc in suspension concentrate form and reinforced with Molybdenum (Mo: 1% w/v, B: 15% w/v, Zn: 30% w/v)

  • Flowering and fruit-setting Enhancement (Zn, B)
  • Promotion of Vegetative Growth (Zn, Mo)
  • Improved Fruit Development (B)

Application Timing

  • Before Flowering

Recommended Dosage:

Foliar application – 100 cc/100 lt

Natural Metabolic Catalysts, Amino Acids, and Trace Elements, activated with the E2DA technology aiming at:

  • Cell Divisions Increase
  • Increasing Fruit Size & Weight
  • Increasing Fruit Size & Weight Uniformity

Application timing:

  • Fruit set

Recommended Dosage

Foliar application – 100 cc/100lt

Bio-activator of ultra-pure silicon (92% w/w SiO2), with high availability of orthosilicic acid, the only form of silicon that plants can absorb.

  • It promotes photosynthesis and enhances Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency.
  • Increases resistance to both abiotic and biotic stress factors, including thermal stress, water stress, salinity, and toxicity of elements.
  • Enhances production and improves its quality.
  • Facilitates the absorption of macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

Application timing:

  • Fruit growth
  • 1 month later – Fruit ripening

Recommended Dosage

Foliar application – 1,8 Kg/100lt


Complex Highly Concentrated product of Functional Crop Nutrition®, in the form of a thixotropic Gel, rich in Potassium, with Bioavailable Silicon of E-PerForm® Technology and Magnesium.

  • Fruit weight increase
  • Fruit ripening boost
  • Increase of olive’s oil content

Success Story Results

Measurements on both plots revealed impressive results in the Agrology treatment. Specifically, the results were as follows:

Increase of Total Olive Fruit Production by 25%

  • Agrology: 7.5 t/ha
  • Control: 6 t/ha
Picture 2. Total Olive fruit production in Control and Agrology Program

Increase of Oil Content by 8,3%

  • Agrology: 20,8 %
  • Control: 19,2 %
Picture 3. Oil Content in Control and Agrology Program

Increase of Total Olive Oil Production by 36%

  • Agrology: 1.67 t/ha
  • Control: 1.3 t/ha
Picture 4. Total Olive Oil Production in Control and Agrology Program

Synopsis of the Results

  Picture 5. Synopsis of the Results