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Hard Wheat Production – Mega Success Story

Hard Wheat Production

Moving on to the next step of the successful evidence-based applications (Success Stories) conducted since 2017 in numerous crops throughout Greece, Agrology is starting a series of large-scale Success Stories in the country’s main crops (Mega Success Stories). Direct partners in the company’s new venture are Commercial Stores of Agricultural Supplies, members of the Nutrimasters® network, as well as Agricultural Cooperatives.

The main objective is to enhance the production and dynamics of crops, by supporting many farmers with the company know-how and products of Specialized Nutrition, which constitute a profitable investment, as the economic benefits surpass the cost of the applications.

Mega Success Story ID

In 2022 and 2023, 69 Trials in Hard Wheat were conducted in different Regions of North and Central Greece, covering almost an area of 500 hectares

Mega Success Story ID
Table 1. Mega Success Story ID

Mega Success Story Objectives 

By applying Agrology’s Functional Crop Nutrition® products during specific growth stages, farmers managed to achieve significant agronomic benefits for their crops.

The objective of the Hard Wheat Mega Success Story was to Increase Total Yield.

Agrology Plant Nutrition Program

Application Timing: Before Tillering – At tillering

  • XGel® activ Sapphire: Dosage: 3-4 L/ha / Water application Volume: 400 L/ha
x gel activ sapphire

XGel® activ Sapphire is a balanced, highly concentrated, NPK gel fertilizer reinforced with Silicium.  It is ideal for all growth stages and is further enhanced by the integration of the E2DA® Technology, which promotes the absorption and translocation of nutrients.

  • Increase the number of productive tillers
  • Boost of vegetative growth
Figure 1. Application Scheme
Figure 1. Application Scheme

Consolidated Results

Increase of Hard Wheat Total Yield by 12.7% (+0,49 t/ha)

  • Agrology: 4.36 t/ha
  • Control: 3.87 t/ha.

Increase of Ear Size (Photos)

  • Agrology: top
  • Control: bottom
Figures 3 & 4. By applying Agrology Nutrition Program (top), an increase in Ear size was evident, compared to the Control (bottom).

Increase of Ear Length by +8.7% (+0.57 cm)

  • Agrology: 7.13 cm
  • Control: 6.56 cm
Figure 5. Ear Length (cm). By applying Agrology Nutrition Program, an increase in ear length of 8.7% was achieved, compared to the Control.

Increase of Ear Weight by +24.6 % (+0.59 g)

  • Agrology: 2.99 g
  • Control: 2.40 g

Figure 6. Ear Weight (g). By applying Agrology Nutrition Program, an increase in ear weight of 24.6% was achieved, compared to the Control.

Increase of number of grains per ear by +19.4% (+7.31 grains)

  • Agrology: 45.06 grains
  • Control: 37.75 grains
Figure 7. Number of grains per ear. By applying Agrology Nutrition Program, an increase in number of Grains/ears of 19.4% was achieved, compared to the Control.

Results’ Synopsis – Conclusions
(Mega SS 2022-2023)

Table 2. Mega Success Story Synopsis

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“This experiment was conducted under specific field conditions and should not be applied as a standard without the guidance of an Agronomist or the Agrology’s Agronomic R&D team. In any case, Agrology products and programs must be applied according to the label or the instructions of the technician-agronomists.”