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Eggplant Yield Increase and Color Improvement

Through the Agrology Success Stories in Greece and abroad, it is proven that the superior quality and integrated innovative technologies of the Agrology Specialized Nutrition products make the difference in crops from the very first applications!

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the Agrology Specialized Nutrition Programs constitute a profitable investment for producers, as the financial benefits more than cover the cost of the additional applications!

One such Success Story on Greenhouse Nadia Eggplants (SS 2020_56_GR) was carried out in Ierapetra in collaboration with the agricultural store of Tzanis Emmanouil, during the agricultural season 2020-21. Throughout the applications, there was continuous guidance and technical support to the producer, both from the specialized staff of the technical department of Agrology, and the collaborating agricultural supplies store.

The crop was divided into 2 sections. One section was named Control and the second was named Agrology Program.  In both, the producer proceeded with the same cultivation care and implemented the exact same scheme of plant protection and nutrition – fertilization. However, in the Agrology Section, the producer implemented additional interventions using the Specialized and Innovative Products of Agrology, aiming to Eggplant Yield Increase .

Proof ID 

NutriMaster®: Tzanis Emmanouil

Producer: Platakis Georgios

Location: Ierapetra

Cultivation Season: 2020-2021      (Planting Oct. 9, Harvest:Dec. 4 -May 19)

Cultivation: Nadia Eggplant

Land of Success Story:  1,500 + 1,500 sq.m.

Plant protection: Same for the entire area

Application Objectives 

By applying the Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilization Products of Agrology during specific stages of greenhouse eggplant growth, the producer managed to achieve significant agronomic benefits for his crop.

The Objectives of this Success Story were the following:

  1. Eggplant Yield Increase 
  2. Improvement of Quality Characteristics
  3. Increased Postharvest Life

Specialized Nutrition – Fertilization Program

Fertigation Applications

Gravital® Force: 1.5 lt/1,000 sq.m.

  • 11 applications
  • 1 application every 2-3 weeks

 XGel® activ Sapphire: 3 lt/1,000 sq. m.

  • 5 applications
  • 1 application every 2-3 weeks

XGel® activ Ruby: 3 lt/1,000 sq. m.

  • 10 applications
  • 1 application every 2-3 weeks

Foliar Applications

Fruitonic Vega: 200cc/100lt of water

  • 2 applications (Feb. 14, March 20)

Nodius F-Kin: 100cc/100lt of water

  • 2 applications (Feb. 7, March 14)

Inca Ultra: 125cc/100lt of water

  • 2 applications (Feb. 7, March 20)

Product of high content and excellent purity of silicon (SiO2, 35% w/o) & calcium (CaO, 35% w/o), with a high percentage of available orthosilicic acid

  • Fruit Size Boost
  • Increase of Production
  • Boost of Fruit Flesh Consistency
  • Extension of Postharvest Life

Ultra-concentrated, balanced NPK nutrition product in gel form, rich in silicon.

  • Increase of Vegetative Growth
  • Increase of Production

Ultra-concentrated nutritional product in Gel form, rich in Potassium.

  • Sustaining of vegetative growth
  • Fruit ripening boost
  • Increase of Production
  • Increase of Postharvest Life

Mixture of natural metabolic catalysts

  • Boost of cell divisions
  • Increase of Vegetative Growth
  • Increase in fruit set and fruit size

Blend of 20 different L-amino acids

  • Enhancement of plant metabolism
  • Increase in number, size and quality of fruits
  • Liquid calcium supplement fortified with zinc and nitrogen (Ca 9.5% b/b, Zn 0.8% b/b, N 8% b/b)
  • Reinforces cell walls
  • Increase of Fruit Consistency
  • Improvement of Postharvest Preservation
  • Production Boost

Proof Results 

After the samplings from both sections –Control and Agrology-, the necessary measurements were made and it was observed that the Agrology Programs generated impressive results for the benefit of the producer.

More specifically, the results were the following:

Flower Color Improvement

Picture 2. Improvement of flower color Improvement of Fruit Color and Glossiness

Fruit Color Improvement

Picture 3. Improvement of fruit color and glossiness

Better Development and Size of Secondary Fruits

Picture 4. Development and Size of Secondary Fruits

Limiting Postharvest Sepsis (maintaining at room temperature)

14 days post-harvest:

  • Agrology: 10% non-marketable fruits
  • Control: 20% non-marketable fruits

21 days post-harvest:

  • Agrology: 65% non-marketable fruits
  • Control: Total non-marketable fruits
Picture 5. Marketable fruits (without postharvest sepsis)
Picture 6. Fruits with no post-harvest sepsis

Fruit Consistency (maintaining at room temperature)

14 days post-harvest:

  • Small Increase in the consistency of marketable fruits of the Agrology section compared to the Control (estimated only on fruits without postharvest sepsis)

21 days post-harvest:

  • Agrology: Satisfactory flesh consistency of fruits that did not show post-harvest sepsis (76.7th Shore)
  • Control: (all fruits were non-marketable due to post-harvest sepsis)
Picture 7. Fruit Consistency

Eggplant Yield Increase by 11.2%  in the Agrology Program compared to the Control one

Agrology: 10,248 kg/1,000 sq.m.

Control: 9,216 kg/1,000 sq.m.

Picture 8. Increase of Production
Picture 10. Summary of Results

Obtain detailed information on the Specialized Nutrition Programs by the specialized staff of Agrology.

Find out who is the responsible agronomist – seller of your area HERE!

“This experiment was conducted under specific field conditions and should not be applied as a standard without the guidance of an Agronomist or the Agrology Technical Department. In any case, Agrology products and programs must be applied according to the label or the instructions of the technician-agronomists.”