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Agrology Success Stories: Wheat Yield Increase

Wheat Yield Increase

Trials on wheat resulted in significant increase of total yield through the use of XGel® Sapphire.

Agrology’s Success Stories demonstrate the ability of Agrology’s Specialty Plant Nutrition Products to make a difference even from the very first application! Our aim is to show that Agrology’s Nutrition Programs are profitable investment for the grower because their economic benefits far outstrip the cost of the complementary applications!

One such Success Story was carried out in Wheat crop (SS 2018_18_GR) in 2018, in cooperation with Mr.  Koutoupas Sotirios, a member of our NutriMaster® network in Greece. Throughout the whole process, the grower benefited from the continuous guidance and support offered by both Agrology’s Technical Department and Mr. Koutoupas.

Initially the crop area was divided into two equal plots, that consisted the 2 treatments of the Success Story. One was used as the Control plot, while Agrology’s Program was used in the second. In both treatments, the farmer made use of same plant protection and plant nutrition – fertilization program. Agrology’s Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilization Products application was complementary in the trial plot.

Success Story Goals

The Program included the implementation of the Specialized and Innovative Plant Nutrition Product, XGel® Sapphire, aiming total production and plant height increase. Moreover, the implementation took place during certain stages of wheat growth so that the producer can achieve significant agronomic benefits.

Identity of Success Story

  • Cultivation Period: 2018
  • Location: Serres
  • NutriMaster® : Koutoupas Sotirios
  • Owner of the Estate: Ghekas Sotirios
  • Cultivation: Wheat
  • Variety: Maestrale
  • Area of the Success Story: 3,3 ha
  • Plant Protection Program: Common to the whole crop

Special Nutrition Program

In an already existing Plant Nutrition and Plant Protection program, the farmer applied 1 complementary foliar application with XGel® Sapphire. More specifically, Agrology’s Technical Department selected and placed the product application at the start of tillering.

XGel® Sapphire (3 lt / ha): Extremely concentrated NPK fertilizer in Gel form, ideal for all stages of growth.

The rest of the nutrition program was common to all 2 pieces (control + Agrology Program) throughout the growing season.

Success Story Results

Agrology’s Program, had significant impact on the height of the plants, the number of tillers as well as total yield.

More specifically, the results were as follows:

Increase in total production by 28% (+700 kg / ha)

  • Total Production (Kg / ha) Agrology: 3200 Kg / ha.
  • Total Production (Kg / ha) Control: 2500 Kg / ha.

Plant height increase by 22% compared to the Control

Increase the number of tillers by 1.5 per plant on average

  • Average Agrology Tillers: 2.7
  • Average Control Tillers: 1,2
Image 1. Height Comparison of Control and Agrology Wheat Plants
Image 1. Height Comparison of Control and Agrology Wheat Plants

Investment – Producer’s Benefit

The increase of total production by 28% contributed to Increase Farmer’s Income by 112 €/ha. (Calculated at an average price per kilo of € 0.16  based on grower feedback ).

The indicative cost of complementary applications with Agrology’s Specialized and Innovative Nutrition Product amounts to 20,00 € / ha resulting in approximately 5,6:1 return on the grower’s investment.

Learn more about Agrology Specialty Nutrition Programs from our specialized staff Here.

This trial was carried out under specific field conditions and should not be replicated without the guidance of an agronomist or the Technical Department of Agrology. In all cases, Agrology products and programs must be applied in accordance with the label.