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Agrology Success Stories: Production Increase & Table Grapes Quality Improve

Production Increase & Table Grapes Quality Improve

Agrology’s demonstrate the ability of Agrology’s Specialty Plant Nutrition Products to make a difference even from the very first application!

Our aim is to show that Agrology’s Nutrition Programs are a profitable investment for the grower because their economic benefits far outstrip the cost of the complementary applications!

One such Success Story was carried out in table grapes in 2017, in collaboration with Vei Sotiria. Mrs. Vei is an agrodealer and part of our NutriMaster® network in Greece. Throughout the whole process, the grower benefited from the continuous guidance and support offered by both Agrology’s Technical Department, and Mrs. Vei.

The application of Agrology’s Specialized Plant Nutrition Program resulted in increased production and quality improvement in table grapes.

Success Story Goals

By using Specialized Plant Nutrition Products during specific growth stages of grapes growing, the producer can achieve a significant improvement in the quality characteristics of his crop.

The Program included the implementation of Specialized and Innovative Plant Nutrition Products, more specifically, Inca Ultra, Nodius®F-Kin, Basfoliar Kelp & XGel®Ruby. Moreover, the implementation took place during certain stages of table grapes growth and the producer managed to achieve significant agronomic benefits.

The Objectives of this Success Story were as follows:

  • Increase Total Yield
  • Improve Berry Color
  • Promote Size Uniformity
  • Increase Sugar Concentration

General Info of Success Story

  • Cultivation Period: 2017
  • Location: Eleochori, Kavala
  • NutriMaster®: Vei Evaggelia
  • Owner of the Estate: Fanariotis Kiriakos
  • Cultivation: White Table Grapes
  • Variety: Italia
  • Success Story Area: 10,67 ha
  • Irrigation System: Drip
  • Hail and Rain Protection: Covered Vineyard
  • Plant Protection Program: Common to the whole crop

Special Nutrition Program

In an existing Plant Nutrition program, the producer applied 2 complementary interventions with fertigation with the Agrology’s specialized products. Agrology’s Technical Department selected and placed the products at the appropriate growth stages, based on the targets set.

Picture 1. First Complementary Application
Picture 1. First Complementary Application

Inca Ultra (1o.5 l / ha): To improve the hardness of the fruit and enhance the elasticity and plasticity of the skin of the fruit. The application was twice in stages (a) Pea-size blade and (b) Cage closure – Rail contact.

Nodius® F-Kin (5000 cc / ha): Used to increase cell division and cell size leading to increased berry size. The application was at the early stages of fruit expansion (pea scale).

Picture 2. Second Complementary Application
Picture 2. Second Complementary Application

Basfoliar Kelp (3000 cc / ha): Ecklonia algae formulation. It is a ready feed for stumps with contribution to improve the quality of the fruit production. The application was at the closure stage of the bunch.

XGel® Ruby (30 liters / ha): Highly concentrated potassium fertilizer in Gel form, which is necessary at the stage when berries start to touch both berry size and the sugar content.

Besides the above supplementary applications, the farmer applied the same Fertilization/ Nutrition and Plant protection program, in both treatments (Control + Agrology Program) throughout the growing season.

Success Story Results

Production Increase & Table Grapes Quality Improve

Measurement on both plots revealed impressive results in Agrology’s plot:


Increased Size

Better Berry Color Intensity and Uniformity

Increased Berry Size Uniformity

Uniformity of Rails Color

Picture 3. Control

1) Fruit size Increase: An increase of 23% to 46% along and 50% to 58% in width was observed.

Picture 4. Increased berry size compared to the control
Picture 4. Increased berry size compared to the control
Picture 5. Increase of berry length and width
Picture 5. Increase of berry length and width

2) Better color and greater uniformity both in color and in size (increase in balance) compared to the control.

Δείγμα Agrology σε καλλιέργεια αμπελιών
Δείγμα Agrology σε καλλιέργεια αμπελιών

3) Production increase by 1078 kg / ha (26.3%) – Sucrose increase by 8%.

Picture 6. Sugar Content-Brix %
Picture 6. Sugar Content-Brix %
Picture 7. Production Increase
Picture 7. Production Increase

Investment – Producer’s Benefit

The yield increase, the improvement of the quality resulted in an increase of the producer’s revenues by 13800,3 € / ha, while the cost of the supplementary applications is only 1200 €. (Calculated at an average kilogram price of 0.80 to 0.90 €. The producer himself updated the prices above and have not been given arbitrarily).

Picture 8. Investment - Producer's Benefit
Picture 8. Investment – Producer’s Benefit

Learn more about Specialized Nutrition Programs from our specialized staff at Agrology Here.

This trial was carried out under specific field conditions and should not be replicated without the guidance of an agronomist or the Technical Department of Agrology. In all cases, Agrology products and programs must be applied in accordance with the label.