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Agrology Success Stories: Increase of Corn Production

Increase of Corn Production
Through the Agrology Success Stories in Greece and abroad, Agrology proves that the superior quality and integrated innovative technologies of the Agrology Specialized Nutrition products make the difference in crops from the very first applications!

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the Agrology Specialized Nutrition Programs constitute a profitable investment for producers, as the financial benefits more than cover the cost of the additional applications!

One such Success Story in a corn field took place in Myrini Karditsa, in collaboration with the store of Nikolaos Kotrotsios, during the 2021 agricultural season. Throughout the applications, there was continuous guidance and technical support to the producer, both from the specialized staff of the technical department of Agrology, and the collaborating agricultural supplies store.

The field was divided into 2 equal sections. The name of the first section was Control and the second’s was Agrology Program.  In both, the producer proceeded with the same cultivation care and implemented the exact same scheme of plant protection and nutrition – fertilization. In the Agrology section, Agrology agronomic specialists had an additional intervention with Agrology’s Specialized Nutrition Formula, Suprafix® MoBoZin SC.

Proof ID

Client: Kotrotsios Nikolaos

Producer: Markinos Athanasios

Location: Myrini Karditsa

Cultivation Season: 2021

Cultivation: Corn

Application Total Area: 50,000 sq. m. (25,000 sq. m. Agrology/ 25,000 sq.m. Control)

Application Objectives

By applying the Suprafix® MoBoZin SC Specialized Nutrition Product during specific corn growth stages, the producer was able to achieve significant agronomic benefits for his crop.

The goal of this Success Story was to increase corn production.

Specialized Nutrition – Fertilization Program

Case study in Increase of Corn Production photo showing corn growth stages
Picture 1. Applications Scheme

Proof Results

After the samplings from both sections –Control and Agrology-, Agrology agronomists made the necessary measurements on table grapes and observed that the Agrology Programs generated impressive results for the benefit of the producer.

More specifically, the results were the following:

Increase of Corn Production by 70kg/1,000 sq.m. (+6.1%)

  • Agrology: 1220 kg/1,000 sq.m.
  • Control: 1150 kg/1,000 sq.m.
Picture 2 Yield (kg per 1,000 sq.m.). With the implementation of the Agrology Program, there was an increase in the total yield by 6.1%, compared to the Control.

Producer’s Financial Benefit

Obtain detailed information on the Specialized Nutrition Programs by the specialized staff of Agrology.

Find out who is the responsible agronomist – seller of your area HERE!

“This experiment was conducted under specific field conditions and should not be applied as a standard without the guidance of an Agronomist or the Agrology Technical Department. In any case, Agrology products and programs must be applied according to the label or the instructions of the technician-agronomists.”