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Agrology Success Stories: Cotton Yield Increase with XGel Topaz®

Cotton Yield Increase with XGel Topaz®

Agrology’s Success Stories demonstrate the ability of Agrology’s Specialty Plant Nutrition Products to make a difference even from the very first application!

Our aim is to show that Agrology’s Nutrition Programs are a profitable investment for the farmer as their economic benefits far outstrip the cost of the complementary applications!

One such Success Story was conducted on cotton (SS 2017_2_GR) in collaboration with Mrs. Pasiali Athanasia in 2017. Mrs. Pasiali is an agrodealer and part of our NutriMaster® network in Greece. Throughout the whole process, the farmer benefited from the continuous guidance and support offered by both Agrology’s Technical Department, and Mrs. Pasiali’s.

Initially the crop area was divided into two equal plots, that consisted the 2 treatments of the Success Story. One was used as the Control plot, while Agrology’s Program was used in the second. In both treatments, the farmer made use of same plant protection and plant nutrition – fertilization program. Agrology’s Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilization Products application was complementary in the trial plot.

Success Story Goals

The main objective of this Success Story was the increase of cotton yield in the trial.

By using Specialized Plant Nutrition Products during specific growth stages of cotton’s growth cycle, the farmer can achieve a significant improvement in yield.

The Program included the implementation of the Specialized and Innovative Plant Nutrition Product, XGel® Topaz. Moreover, the implementation took place during certain stages of cotton growth so that the farmer can achieve significant agronomic benefits.

Identity of Success Story

  • Crop Period: 2017
  • Location: Paleokomi, Serres
  • NutriMaster®: Pasiali Athanasia
  • Owner of the Estate: Melitos Georgios
  • Crop: Cotton
  • Variety: Midas
  • Area of Success Story: 100 ha
  • Plant Protection Program: Common to the whole crop

Special Nutrition Program

In the trial plot, 2 supplementary foliar applications were performed ( 3 Lt / ha), with the specialized product of Agrology, the XGel® Topaz.

Picture 1. Special Nutrition Program
Picture 1. Special Nutrition Program

Topaz®  0-50-50+TE

A complex, fully water-soluble fertilizer with a high concentration of phosphorus and potassium in gel form, for application with irrigation systems and foliar sprays. It is organically activated with E2DA® factor and enriched with trace elements in chelated form. It increases the size and promotes the maturation of fruits, bulbs and tubers.

XGel Topaz

Composition: 50% w / v Phosphorus (P2O5), 50% w / v Potassium (K2O), Trace Elements (EDTA), E2DA® Factor

Phosphorus (P):

It promotes the earlier production.

It increases the weight of bolls and seeds.

The daily absorption of Phosphorus and its involvement in plant tissues is maximal at blooming and its accumulation continues until the boll opening.

Potassium (K):

Increases the oil content.

Contributes to increasing the weight of cotton seed and bolls, due to the increase in length and then the thickness of the fiber.

Promotes good maturation of bolls.

Offsets to a certain extent shooting development and abrasion from any excess nitrogen.

Potassium promotes photosynthesis and reduces perspiration. As a result, it increases the foliage, maximizes the utilization of the remaining elements and improves the qualities of the cotton eg. uniformity and maturation of the fibers, increasing their percentage.

Difficulties in Nutrients Absorption

Many times, the application of nutrients from soil may not yield the desired results. This may depend on various problems that the soil or the crop faces due to current weather conditions. For example, excessive ammonia fertilization makes it difficult for the plant to absorb potassium from plants. Sandy soils are poorer in clay than clay soils. In clay soils, however, Potassium is bound to a considerable extent by clay, and larger amounts are required to maintain sufficient availability of the element in the soil solution.

Therefore, it is important to provide these important nutrients in cotton growing. It is not enough, however, to ensure the proper application in terms of the vegetative stage and the quantity required. We must ensure that plants absorb and transport these elements to the places they need to ensure the proper functioning of the plants and to have the best results.

So the innovative fertilizers of the XGel® line come to meet the above needs!

XGel® Line

XGel® is the result of research and development of Agrology in the creation of the next generation fertilizers. By incorporating E2DA® and S exclusive technologies, XGels® offer high concentrations, improved intake and faster nutrient transfer within the plant without sacrificing ease of use or stability. The XGel® line offers high-yield NPK for every stage of development, capable of increasing performance and quality.

Features & Benefits:

E2DA® Technology:

Enhanced nutrient intake and increased efficacy.

Enhanced nutrient movement and faster results.

S Technology:

High susceptibility, efficacy and absorption of nutrients.

No precipitation or phase separation.

High Concentrations:

Reduced doses and increased efficiency resulting in lower implementation costs.

High Quality Raw Materials:

It ensures maximum efficiency and safety without chlorine.

Enhanced Combination Profile:

Facilitates combined application for reduced implementation costs.


Certified manufacturing processes ensure long shelf life.

Success Story Results

Measurements on both plots revealed impressive results in the Agrology treatment. Specifically, the results were as follows:

More specifically, the results were as follows:

  • Yield increase by 500 kg /ha. (+ 16.1%), compared to the Control!
  • The application of XGel® Topaz  led to a more uniform filling of bolls!
Picture 2. Total Yield Increase with Agrology Program
Picture 2. Total Yield Increase with Agrology Program

Investment – Producer’s Benefit

The increase in total yield and the uniform filling of the bolls contributed to the increase of farmer’s income by 250 € / ha. (Avg. Price Kg: 0.50 € – The average kilo prices have been made by the farmer himself and has not been given arbitrarily.) The cost of the supplementary applications is only 80.76€/ha.

Learn more about Agrology Specialty Nutrition Programs from our specialized staff  Here.

This trial was carried out under specific field conditions and should not be replicated without the guidance of an agronomist or the Technical Department of Agrology. In all cases, Agrology products and programs must be applied in accordance with the label.