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Agrology Success Stories: Production Increase & Cherries Quality Improve

Production Increase & Cherries Quality Improve

Agrology’s Success Stories carried out throughout the world demonstrate the ability of Agrology’s Specialty Plant Nutrition Products to make a difference even from the very first application!

Our aim is to show that Agrology’s Nutrition Programs are profitable investment for the grower because their economic benefits far outstrip the cost of the complementary applications!

One such Success Story was carried out in cherries (SS 2018_17_GR) in 2018, in collaboration with “GEOKTIMA” and the NutriMaster® Mr. Pittas Vasilios. Mr. Pittas is an agrodealer and part of our NutriMaster® in Greece. Throughout the whole process, the grower benefited from the continuous guidance and support offered by both Agrology’s Technical Department, and Mr. Pittas.

Initially the crop area was divided into two equal plots, that consisted the 2 treatments of the Success Story. One was used as the Control plot, while Agrology’s Program was used in the second. In both treatments, the producer made use of same plant protection and plant nutrition – fertilization program. Agrology’s Specialized and Innovative Nutrition and Fertilization Products application was complementary in the trial plot.

Success Story Goals

By using Specialized Plant Nutrition Products during specific growth stages of cherry growing, the producer can achieve a significant improvement in the quality characteristics of his crop.

The Program included the implementation of Specialized and Innovative Plant Nutrition Products, more specifically, Gravital® Force, Nodius® F-Kin and XGel® Emerald. Moreover, the implementation took place during certain stages of cherries growth and the producer to achieve significant agronomic benefits.

The objectives of this Success Story were as follows:

  1. Increase in Total Fruit Production
  2. Increase of Fruit Size
  3. Fruit Weight Raising
  4. Enhancement of Fruit Flesh Consistency

Identity of Success Story

  • Cultivation Period: 2019
  • Location: Agrosikia, Pella
  • NutriMaster®: Pittas Vasilios, GEOKTIMA
  • Owner of the Estate: Papadopoulos Christos
  • Cultivation: Cherries
  • Variety: Early Bigi
  • Area of Success Story: 60 ha
  • Irrigation System: Drip
  • Plant Protection Program: Common to the whole crop

Special Nutrition Program

In an existing Plant Nutrition Program, the producer foliar applied 2 supplementary intervention with leaf spraying with the specialized products of Agrology. The Agrology’s Technical Department selected and placed the products at the appropriate growth stage, based on the target set.

Εικόνα 1. Προγραμμα Εφαρμογών
Εικόνα 1. Πρόγραμμα Εφαρμογών

1st Foliar Application

Combined solution of foliar application: Nodius® F-Kin & XGel® Emerald.

Nodius® F-Kin (100 cc / 100 lt): Nodius® F-Kin Hyper-Stimulator is ideal for inducing intense cytotoxicity and increase cell size. The result is the increase in the size of the fruit. Applied when the fruit was approximately 20 mm in size.

XGel® Emerald (300 cc / 100 lt): Innovative XGel® fertilizers focus on foliar use in demanding crops such as fruits and vegetables. Incorporating innovative and exclusive E2DA® and S technologies developed by the Agrology Research & Development Department. XGel® Emerald is a highly concentrated phosphorus fertilizer in gel form. Therefore, it suits for enhancing cell division. Applied when the fruit was approximately 20 mm in size.

2nd Foliar Application

Gravital® Force (2 kg / 100 lt): Agrology’s innovative Active Silicates Line revolutionizes Specialized Nutrition. Gravital® Force helped significantly strengthen cell walls. Its unique composition, based on the synergistic effect of silicon and calcium, contributes to increasing the flesh strength of the fruit to the mechanical pressure, but also to the overall yield of the plant. Applied when the fruit was approximately 20 mm in size.

Besides the above supplementary applications, the farmer applied the same Fertilization/ Nutrition and Plant protection program, in both treatments (Control + Agrology Program) throughout the growing season.

Success Story Results

Measurements on both plots revealed impressive results in the Agrology treatment. Specifically, the results were as follows:

  • Increase of total fruit production

Total Fruit Production (kg / ha). The implementation of the Agrology Program achieved a production increase by 1560 kg / ha (+ 15.6%) compared to the Control.

Εικόνα 2. Αύξηση Συνολικής Παραγωγής Καρπών κατά 15.6%
Εικόνα 2. Αύξηση Συνολικής Παραγωγής Καρπών κατά 15.6%
  • Increase of Fruit Size

The fruit size increased by at least 1-2 sizes (approximately 2-4 mm in diameter).

Εικόνα 3. Αύξηση Μεγέθους των Καρπών
Εικόνα 3. Δείγμα Καρπών Κερασιάς του Προγράμματος Agrology (επάνω) και του Μάρτυρα (κάτω).
Εικόνα 4. Αύξηση Μεγέθους Καρπών Κερασιού
Εικόνα 4. Δείγμα Καρπών Κερασιάς του Μάρτυρα (κάτω) και του Προγράμματος Agrology (επάνω), τοποθετημένα σε ειδική καλίμπρα μέτρησης διαμέτρου των καρπών.
  • Fruit weight increase

An increase in fruit weight was observed on an average of 1.2 g / wt, or 16% increase.

Εικόνα 5. Αύξηση Βάρους Καρπών
Εικόνα 5. Μέσο Βάρος Καρπών (gr). Με την εφαρμογή του Προγράμματος Agrology, επετεύχθη αύξηση του μέσου βάρους των καρπών κατά 16%, συγκριτικά με τον Μάρτυρα
Εικόνα 6. Αύξηση Βάρους Καρπών Κερασιού
Εικόνα 6. Βάρος (gr) 30 καρπών (επάνω), Μάρτυρα (αριστερά) και Προγράμματος Agrology (δεξιά). Βάρος 7 καρπών (κάτω), Μάρτυρα (αριστερά) και Προγράμματος Agrology (δεξιά)
  • Improve on Fruit Flesh Consistency

Fruit Flesh Consistency (Shore Scale Units). With the implementation of the Agrology Program, the fruit flesh consistency increased by 14% compared to the Witness.

Εικόνα 7. Αύξηση Συνεκτικότητας Σάρκας Καρπών
Εικόνα 7. Αύξηση Συνεκτικότητας Σάρκας Καρπών

Investment – Producer’s Benefit

The Increase of the size and weight, as well as the increase of the fruit flesh consistency, helped to increase production and improve the quality of the product.

More specifically, they helped increase the producer’s revenue by € 8160.18 / ha, while the cost of the supplementary applications is only 280,25 €. (Information on the average kilogram price below has been made by the producer itself and in no case has been given arbitrarily).

Εικόνα 9. Επένδυση - Όφελος Παραγωγού
Εικόνα 9. Επένδυση – Όφελος Παραγωγού

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This trial was carried out under specific field conditions and should not be replicated without the guidance of an agronomist or the Technical Department of Agrology. In all cases, Agrology products and programs must be applied in accordance with the label.