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To Develop with Passion and Responsibility

Our Company

AGROLOGY is a fast-growing company with long experience both in the Plant Protection and Specialty Plant Nutrition Sector.
Our strategy is based on Science-Driven Product Development and a Customer-Centric Approach. By understanding crop and cropping requirements, we create solutions that can optimize our customers’ Plant Nutrition Investments.
With a focus on long-term collaborations with strong local partners and research institutes in each country, our aim is to expand our local agronomic expertise by empowering our partners.

Pillars of Operation

We focus on three main strategic pillars in order to develop solutions that bring value to all parts of the supply chain; from distributor to farmer.


Provide Unprecedented Quality

Certified by ISO and OHSAS. since 2013, AGROLOGY places great importance on the quality, reliability and stability of its products. For this reason, AGROLOGY products:

Use High Grade Raw Materials
   · Exclusively Europe & USA sourced
   · Often of food or pharmaceutical grade quality
Pass through multiple lab and field trials in order to guarantee safety, optimize efficacy and stability
Manufactured according to plant protection high specs


Continuously Enhance our Offerings with New Technologies

AGROLOGY understands the importance
of research and innovation and invests on the expertise and development of
new effective and differentiated products.

Therefore, AGROLOGY’s team developed a technology platform that currently includes the following technologies:


Leverage our Extensive Knowledge and Experience in Plant Nutrition and Product Formulation

With more than 40 years of experience in Plant Protection formulation and over 20 years of collected knowledge in Specialty Plant Nutrition, AGROLOGY is equipped to deliver unique products and solutions.

Global knowledge transfer